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The prescription marijuana and its consumption by employees are posing very serious problem to the employers who are unable to define a drug restricted area. Surprisingly both the employer and the employee have only a few strict restrictions when the subject of appropriate marijuana is pondered. The crux is the federal government is of the opinion that marijuana consumption is not permitted. Even so, many states have their own restrictions where they have permitted the people to make usage of medically prescribed marijuana. The conflicting opinions of the federal government and the states have put the employers in a fix. It really is high time that the Marijuana Policy Project should consider notice of this challenge and give their ruling on drug testing policies in agreement with the established law of the land. Serious problems can occur due to marijuana consumption in work place. Get more informations of   Order Weed Online

In consequence many probable employees cannot get a ideal job because of the severe stipulation of employers. Some employers have resorted to zero-tolerance to the drug test and they test before hiring the employees. The drug test are so stringent, the legal use of marijuana fails to conform. Inspite of the Strict enforcement of Controlled Substance Act by the Justice department and the negative opinion of the congress about marijuana being dangerous the drug still prevailing in twenty seven states. However the Drug Free Workplace Act, 1988 says that any company that gets government assignments should prohibit their employees from the consumption of legal marijuana. In addition the transport department of USA has specific guidelines to bar legal marijuana addicts from services like, driving public transports, becoming pilots and sub-way operators. In the states that have acknowledged use of medical marijuana the staff are at ease from being caught or convicted.

Such cases ought to be litigated in the court of law. Having in view such circumstances the employers forget such occurrences in such states where marihauna is ingested on medical prescription. But the utmost worry for any employer is to look after the safety of the employee, customers and the publicComputer Technology Articles, irrespective of the prevailing law of the state. The first and major thing that an employer should look at is the appropriate counseling and making those marijuana eating people aware of the implications and the indirect problem they setup for other employees and customers.