Take With Me – Intro

Christmas is coming and you are wondering just what to get the man in your life. He has a flat screen TV and a comfy chair down in his man cave so now what can you get him?

Well every cigar smoker appreciates being able to keep his treats in a beautiful cigar case. When you think of how expensive cigars can be it makes sense to keep them somewhere safe and also keep them at just the right temperature.

So what size and style of case do you need and do you want it to be a plain one or maybe something a bit more exotic. Luckily enough this is a gift that comes in so many varieties you are sure to find something that is perfect.Check TakeWithMe.

Before buying anything you should think of these questions

How Many Cigars?

Does he just smoke once in a while and really just wants to keep 2-5 at a time, maybe he only smokes them on nights out.

How Fancy?

Some men like to be ostentatious while others like to show off by having a high quality cigar rather than an expensive holder. If your man is more down to earth then there is no use buying him something that is sparkly and he will hate.

How Much?

Budget is a determining factor, well for most of us anyway, buy the nicest one you can in your budget.


So you know he would like a case to carry 2-5 cigars, but how big are they? Size does matter, he won’t want to cut two inches off the end to fit them into the case.

Cigar cases are wonderful gifts for Christmas or any other special occasion